Shear Xpressions™

Quick Overview

Indulging stylists' creativity, the Shear Xpressions™ Collection takes hints from fashion while staying true to what focused stylists require when creating and cutting hair.

Available in 3 stylish collections:

NEW Minimalistic Collection

Judgemint, White Party, Orangesicle

Reflections Collection

Crazy Ex, Fake It, Hey Rosie 30T Thinner

Classic Collection

Hey Rosie, Minty Fresh and Greyzilla

Pastel Collection

Berry Special, Moody Blues and No Sour Grapes




JAPANESE STAINLESS STEEL - High quality stainless steel prolongs edge sharpness for increased durability and performance

COMFORT SILENCER - Avoids the metal on metal sounds and allows for a smooth cutting stroke

ERGONOMIC OFFSET DESIGN - Spacing between the finger and thumb rings stabilizes hand and reduces cramping

REMOVABLE FINGER RINGS - Allows for a customizable comfortable fit

REMOVABLE FINGER REST - Provides added support and can be easily removed 

REUSABLE PACKAGING - Each shear is packaged in a reusable shear stoage case, to protect shears when not in use.