Centrix ® Roc-It Dog™ Titanium Rose Gold 5.75" Shear LIMITED EDITION KIT

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FREE Rose Gold Razor ($30 VALUE) with purchase of Centrix® Roc-it Dog™ Titanium Rose Gold Shear.

Building onto the collection, we are thrilled to introduce, the Centrix® Roc-it Dog™ Titanium Rose Gold Collection. Titanium is known to be very strong and durable, as well as lightweight; an ideal metal for a new Roc-it Dog addition. Titanium is also resistant to corrosion making it perfect for haircutting versatility.

Both the shear and razor are in individual peggable tins, packed in a peggable duo box.

Quick Overview

Centrix® Roc-it Dog™ Titanium Rose Gold 575 5.75" Shear LIMITED EDITION KIT ($30 Value FREE)


  • Titanium Rose Gold Coated Shears - Strong, Durable and Lightweight 
  • Naturally Resistant to Corrosion - Adding to the haircutting versatility needs
  • Precision Cast Convex Blade - Designed to provide smooth, effortless cutting process
  • Low-Stress Offset Grip - A relaxed open hand grip for low-stress cutting and improved cutting speed
  • Custom Leaf-Spring Tension Modifier Knob - Easily adjust tension based on hair volume and haircut; helps extend the life of the blade
  • Removable White Finger Rings - Allows for customizable fit
  • Removable Finger Rest - Provides added support
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty