Color Cocktail™ Bottle


Mixing is easy. Simply add your color and developer in the Color Cocktail™, drop the whisk ball into the bottle, screw on lid and shake bottle. Results are smooth, light in consistency hair color, ready for use. 

Quick Overview

Cricket's NEW hair Color Cocktail™ Bottle uses a CUSTOM DESIGNED WIRE WHISK BALL that stays inside the bottle, easily blending color mixtures together for smooth, even hair color application.

“With all of the creations going on in the hair color world, color artists are always looking for the next new idea to make our profession easier and quicker. The new Cricket® Color Cocktail™ Bottle with a built-in whisk is the ticket. It helps in mixing the thicker colors of today while speeding up the mixing, applying and the cleanup. “ - Nick Ciarletta Stylist-Platform Artist, Cricket® Co. & Salon Owner


  • Custom designed wire whisk ball
  • Soft, durable plastic for effortless application
  • Long, narrow tip for better control
  • Reusable
  • Measurements in both US and metric
  • Opaque for easy-to-read liquid levels
  • 9 ounces/240 milliliter