C2™ 525 - 5.25"

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Optional two position finger rest high or low for ultimate comfort.

In & Out Thumb Recliner provides the option to do finish and technique work with greater ease.

The multi-position finger rest allows great support for your little finger - whether it's in an ergonomic NeutraSphere line or the traditional raised position. By repositioning your arm and hand into a natural, tension-free posture, the G3 grip virtually eliminates cramping, muscle soreness, and more serious muscular conditions.


Quick Overview

C2™ : the shear built for comfort. The ergo arc allows stylists to drop the elbow during the cutting process, thus eliminating wrist, elbow, and shoulder fatigue. Therapeutic combined with cutting versatility. The NeutraSphere curve of the C2™ shear conforms to the natural position of your hand at rest. Its ergonomic arc reduces strain and lets you cut with less effort, making even the longest day less tiring.


  • Forged Japanese Steel
  • Hand Finished
  • Maximum Convex Duridium Blades
  • Cryogenically Treated
  • Repositionable Finger Rest
  • Ergonomic Arc
  • In & Out Thumb Recliner
  • G3 NeutraSphere Grip
  • Custom Leaf-Spring Tension Modifier Knob
  • Customize each cut:
    tighter for fine hair
    looser for coarse hair

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