Silkomb™ 48 PC Display

Quick Overview

Silkomb™ The professional favorite.
• High quality, Japanese made combs, when only the best will do
• Silicone injected combs that offer precise styling flexibility
• Finely polished, seamless teeth that produce a smooth glide
• Designed to work with stylist throughout entire styling process


Display includes 6 of each comb

Pro-10 Control Cutting
• Enhances shear over comb cutting techniques
Pro-20 All-Purpose Cutting
• Perfect all around cutting comb
Pro-25 Multi-Purpose
• Wider sectioning ability and longer teeth for detangling curly hair
Pro-30 Power
• Minimum flex and sizing provides stronger direction with large sub-sections
Pro-35 Extra Long Cutting
• Longer design adds 1” for quicker cutting and sectioning
Pro-45 All Purpose
• Two distinctive teeth patterns with maintained teeth length allows for use throughout appointment by just flipping the comb.
Pro-50 Fine Toothed Rattail
• Fine tooth pattern for proper tension when wrapping perms
Pro-55 Wide Toothed Rattail
• Wider tooth pattern for weaving or comb applied color techniques