Centrix® Q-Zone™ Dryer


"The new Cricket® dryer is the quietest dryer I have ever used and ergonomically feels great in the hand with its lightweight design."

Nicholas French, President The Extremely Useful Hair Company Ltd. NAHA Award Winning Stylist

"Quiet, easy to handle, quiet and fast drying. Did I mention quiet? My clients even commented on it. I had been using a different dryer and enjoy not having my shoulder so high as I blow dry. I do feel it is a great product. It delivers what is says it will and looks good doing it."
Alan Papaleo, former platform artist for Logics, Matrix, and Graham Webb and owner of Papaleo Fine Arts Salon in Southern California.

Light and powerful, it dries the hair so quickly. I cannot believe with all that power it is so quiet. My clients love it too. What a breakthrough! I would highly recommend it to any stylist or salon looking for all of these features!
Dean Banowetz Celebrity Stylist QVC

Star I love the dryer, it's light, gets good and hot, and looks so cool!
Mary J. Brunetti Celebrity Stylist

"With all of the chemical services clients get these days, the Q-Zone™ dryer with its state of the art Ionic, Tourmaline technology, as well as perfect heat settings, is perfect for beautiful shiny hair. This dryer has a wide barrel and the wind velocity blows at 38 - 40 mph which means that it dries the hair very quickly but better yet, maintains the hair's integrity which means shiny, frizz free, healthy finished hair! The quietness of this dryer is also truly amazing - just icing on the cake."
Brian & Sandra Smith Directors of the Matrix Institute and NAHA Award Winning Stylists and Colorists

Amazing! The Q-ZONE™ is a quiet, space age dryer! Totally cool, innovative design!
Dwight Miller Professional Salon Industry Icon NAHA Winner

The Q-Zone™ is the best styling and finishing dryer I have ever used. The quietness is an added bonus!
Joe Santy Renowned Professional Salon Industry Educator Owner Attitude Salon, Philadelphia,

Quick Overview

The Centrix® Q-Zone™ Dryer greatly reduces noise pollution.

The Centrix® Q-Zone™ is the result of years of research, development and technology, all fused together to create this breakthrough quiet dryer. Designed from the inside out the Centrix Q-Zone is energy efficient with impressive drying speed, all the while remaining Insanely Quiet™.  

For healthier looking hair the Centrix® Q-Zone™ uses Ceramic Tourmaline which reduces static electricity, contributes to shiny hair and improves the drying time. The Centrix Q-Zone‘s Ionic technology helps reduce drying time dramatically. 


  • INSANELY QUIET™ Technology reduces noise pollution
  • Energy efficient with a 1500 Watt 2 speed high performance motor.  
  • Power Booster adapter accelerates the impressive drying speed to an astounding 50MPH
  • The Tourmaline technology maximizes the negative ion output and closes the cuticle layer, creating smooth hair
  • Ionic technology breaks down water into smaller droplets helping hair to dry faster
  • ERGONOMIC Design Control switch placement perfect for both right and left handed users